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MCRDSD Training

My heart is in San Diego

My youngest graduated highschool, turned 18, and left for Marine bootcamp all within a month’s time. I miss him terribly. I count the days until I get to hold his sweet face in my hands again.


2013 Resolution – Be Pinspired!

I don’t usually make resolutions at the start of a new year. It’s hard enough for me to give something up for Lent, let alone a full year of doing something that must be hard for me to do, otherwise I’d already be doing it, right?  Stick with me. Then, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing through Pinterest, pinning all types of crafty ideas, and smart ideas, and I thought…I’m going to RESOLVE to do at least one of these things I’m pinning each week. And so it was born…my 2013 New Year’s Resolution. Enjoy.

Back to school

I’m so excited.

Room Makeover Complete

I’m so excited today to say my boy is home and he has seen his surprise room makeover and he LOVED it. Check out his reaction:

The end of an era-Harry Potter

If you haven’t seen “literal trailers” yet, they’re really funny. I saw the first one at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin (which is my favorite place in the entire world to go). This video combines two of my favorite things…memories of the Alamo Drafthouse and Harry Potter. Just watch and laugh. Then be sure you go see the final HP movie because “this movie is extremely important”.

The to-do list.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to say yes to everyone. Even if they don’t expressly ask, I offer a yes. I’d love to do that for you, I can do that, oh, let me do that…

I did a lot of that when I was home visiting friends and family a couple weeks ago. I’m not put out by it, I love to give gifts. Plus, it gives me experience just in case I ever want to start selling again ;) {I’m coming back soon, etsy}

So, before my memory gives out on me, I thought I’d make my to-do list public. Y’all can keep me honest and on track.

  1. Tiered halter sun-dress for Rylee
  2. A makeup roll up for Amy  -  Like this one from sewing republic
  3. A square-bottom makeup bag for my girl – like this Little Boxy Pouch from three bears
  4. A surprise pillow project for my mom’s birthday – can’t give details (she reads my blog) but it’s inspired by these
  5. Oversized granny square pillow for myself (because I LOVE the one I gave away to my DMIL) – It was very similar to this
  6. Super cool multi-pocket laptop bag/purse – I can’t even find a tutorial for one like I’m picturing. We shall see what I come up with.
  7. Chenilled fabric tote – Can’t find a picture of what I have in mind for this either! I saw one in a fabric shop in Lakeway.
  8. Cross body every day bag for me – maybe something like this.
  9. Custom critter applique quilt – along these lines, but not with monsters.
  10. Stock for the etsy shop. (That’s a big one) Lots of little dresses and sweet stuff that makes you wanna go SQUEEEEE
  11. Daniel’s cool drawstring skull backpack

4th of July Dress in Action

I couldn’t ask for a cuter model. Here is little Ava in the Independence Day Applique Dress. She is such a cute, sweet little girl and I’m so glad the dress fit her. Now if we can get her brother to keep his hat on his head ;) The tall girl in the above pic is my girl, and that handsome man next to her is her boyfriend. The kids are his neice and nephew. Aren’t they precious?

Click on the image to see a larger view.

I don’t know about you, but I may be hooked on applique now. It just gives so much personality to a dress…What do you think?

Fabric Shopping Spree

So, I’ve recently returned from a long road trip from Texas to Philadelphia, Pa. Along the way, I managed to stop at a few fabric shops, including one I found about 20 miles from my house. It’s been heavenly. There’s something so much more special about wandering through an independent fabric shop, as opposed to just shopping the big box crafts stores. Don’t get me wrong, I probably shop these chains at least once a week, but the independents have so much more “personality”.

Enough talk, let’s see the freshly laundered cotton goodness just begging to be made into something.

There’s some Joann’s Fabrics in there, Hoot, Meadowsweet, Michael Miller, Dr. Seuss… I just can’t wait to dig in to this pile of loveliness. What are you making today?

4th of July Dress and sunhat

My daughter babysits for two kids. A little girl named Ava and her younger brother Kana. This weekend they’re going to a huge family reunion, so I made Ava a sweet little 4th of July dress. But I didn’t want Kana to be empty handed. The solution: a matching sunhat for Kana. I can’t wait to get pictures of them wearing these together. They’re so cute!

sun dress and sun hat

Anthony’s Bucket Hat

So, as I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past month or so, I’m trying to make some stuff to take on our trip home to PA for various neices and nephews who know have all started having their own kids since we moved to Texas. The girls are easier for me, because I love to make sweet little dresses. But I’ve seen so many sunhats lately including this one from Oliver & S, and they looked easy enough that I could figure out how to make one, so last night I gave it a try and I love the way it turned out.

You are forbidden!