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Weekend Wrap Up

happy mochi yumyum sewing machine coverThis has been such a creative time for me. The 3 months or so since I’ve started to learn to sew kid’s clothes has been the most excited I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve tried sewing in the past based on YouTube videos and the like, but until I took the Home Ec class from LeighAnn of Freckled Nest along with a couple other contributors, including Rachel Denbow from Smile & Wave. That started the bug to really learn how to sew properly. Since that online class, I’ve gone from fudging together tote bags, to sewing nicely finished little dresses; even simple quilts.

I’ve been through a LOT of different hobbies, but none that have ever given me this much enjoyment. I’ve made all this in the past month!

sun dress

sun dress

Twirly sundress for Ashley

As you may already know if you’ve visited my blog before, all my family and friends are in Pennsylvania. We moved to Texas nearly six years ago. When I left, I left behind two baby goddaughters (along with everyone else I’ve ever known). They’ve grown so much since I left, and since we’re coming up on a visit back home this month, I decided to make a dress for each of them using my new sewing skills. So far, I’ve done a dress for Devy Dev:

And today I finished take 2 of a dress for Ashley. The first one I did, I’m afraid is too W I D E. Since I haven’t seen the girls in a while, I don’t know how big they truly are. So, whereas the first dress is a pinafore, this second one I made as a halter-type, sun dress. I’m hoping the elastic waist will help me out with a more forgiving fit. That’s what I did with Devy’s dress.

So, here’s Asher Basher’s dress. What do you think:

Sweetest little baby gift

So, my boss, Sally, has a dear friend who just had a baby. And when I hear that someone has had a baby, it just makes me want to craft something. Is it just me? I’ve never met this woman, but I’m sure she’s fabulous if she’s friends with my boss, so I decided to climb the stairs to the craft room and pull together something quick and easy to give to Sally to give to her friend for her baby. [Wow, that was a mouthful].

So, in perusing my blogs on bloglovin [if you aren't using it, you should silly] I found the cutest little crossover pinafore on Smashed Peas and Carrots blog. Check it out for yourself. It looked simple and impressive, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The pattern is only 2 pieces, and as a novice sewer I figured I could make it work. So, I dove into that stash I got from Hancock Fabrics Memorial Day weekend, and this little beauty is what came of just under four hours of work. :)

I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how it turned out. Although, my stitching could be a little smoother around the curves, but I guess that comes with experience. It was a big hit at work, and I even scored the sweetest little tweet from my boss about it.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look.

No more ugly camera bag

Well, this is what I was carrying my Sony Nex-3 around in:

I’ve been wanting to do a “camera bag” that would essentially just be a camera cozy. I don’t like to wear the camera around my neck without it being covered, but I hate toting that┬ábag around. So, after I finished my sewing machine cover with my delicious Happy Mochi YumYum fabric, I had some pieces left over that were just big enough to wrap around my camera and it’s long lens. So, I pieced together this little number.

Trust me it looks better when there’s a camera in it. I can’t quite figure out how to take a picture of that :) I guess that’s not a strong argument for buying a second camera. Well, I hope you like it! :)

Now…I think I may have just enough scraps to make me a pretty patchwork pin cushion to go with that sewing machine cover. We’ll have to wait and see.

Did I mention…I love Happy Zombie’s fabric, Happy Mochi YumYum!

Happy Mochi YumYum Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a roll of the new Lecien fabric Happy Mochi YumYum designed by the brilliant Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie). I was so excited when it came in the mail, because this is the rainbow that sprung out when I opened the envelope.

yummy fabric

I won the Happy Mochi YUMYUM fabric by Happy Zombie

I was so smitten with the colors and patterns, I just wanted to look at it all for a while. So, I laid the strips out on my cutting table and moved them around to see which combos I wanted to work with.

There’s not a lot of fun bright colors in my house, EXCEPT for in my craft room. So, I figured, I’ll be making something to stay in here with me. I love the rainbow of colors and I wanted to keep with the rainbow color play, so I laid out some strips and pieced them together.

happy mochi yumyum

After I had a large enough piece to fit up and over my sewing machine, I pulled out some fusible batting (crib size) and found a nice soft fleecy fabric for the inside of the cover. I sandwiched them together and followed the directions on the fusible batting to stick the whole pile together.

Then I measured how large I wanted the front and back panels, and how tall the top section needed to be to bridge the front and back. My design called for no sides, just ties to hold the front and back together and keep the dusties off my machine. :) I cut the panels to size (including seam allowance) and bound three sides of the front and back. (both short sides and one long side) and the two short sides only on the top piece. *you don’t want to put the double fold bias tape on the long side that will join the top piece.

binding the quilt sandwich* I left about 1/2″ free of the bias tape where I would be sewing my seams.

Oh, and don’t forget to add your ties. My ties are made from some single fold bias tape I bought once by accident, so it’s the same color as the double fold bias tape I used to trim out my pieces. I cut 4 pieces 17″ long (although I could have made them shorter) and then I took some fusible tape and laid it on one side of the inside of the single fold tape and just folded it in half length wise and ironed it shut following the package directions. Then I marked their placement on either long side of the front and back panels at 6 1/2″ in and 6 1/2″ up from the bottom of each piece. Then as I came to the marks, I slid the tie in under the bias tape I was applying and sewed over it. Since I can’t reverse stitch with the walking foot, I went back to the ties after I was done applying the double fold tape, folded the ties back on themselves and sewed another short line of stitching for reinforcement. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

bias tape tiesThen all that was left to do was sew the three pieces together. First I laid the top “bridge” section on top of the front panel, right sides facing and two raw edges aligned. I sewed a 1/2″ seam and pressed. Then I repeated the same step with the back piece aligned with the other side of the top piece.

Then I popped it on top of my Brother to see how she looked. I just can’t get enough of the happy little rainbow corner I get to work in now. So pretty. And thanks again to Monica for designing such a beautiful line of fabrics.

HMYY sewing machine cover

Craft Room Reorganized

I’ve been working for weeks on reorganizing and de-stashing my craft room. I was totally inspired by Sew Many Ways craft room pictures. Here’s a couple of pictures of the mess that lived in there before.


So, here’s what I did. I rearranged my 3 main pieces. Sewing table with leaf, folding table, and Ikea (cutting table). I moved my sewing table away from the windows because while natural light is great, having the sewing thread backlit doesn’t work for me. I can’t see. so I moved that to an interior wall, pulled the Ikea table into an island like position parallel with the sewing table, and then bridged the two with the folding table. I moved my ironing board to the folding table freeing up the rolling fold away table to move my yudu up to a more prominent ready-to-use position. In essence I created myself a work triangle just like in the kitchen. Cutting table was raised so I could stand at it and work comfortably and the sewing table and ironing/pressing area is only a chair swivel away. My quilting fabric has been neatly wrapped around 5×7 boards to create mini bolts and then stored upright in fun containers from the dollar store. I even took one of the 10 tape measures and used some of my scrapbook adhesive to attach it to the edge of my cutting table. I think my favorite addition though has been my thread/embroidery floss organizers hanging on the wall.

Check it out! Any questions, just ask.


Renegade is coming!

Renegade is coming! Renegade is coming!

I can’t even tell you how much fun I had at this show last year. I went both days and I still don’t think I saw everything or everyone that was there. So, this year I’ll plan on visiting again with the intention of applying to sell at the show the following year. I’m looking forward to seeing my blogging buddy @TweetRenee from Robo Roku again this year along with a host of other artists I admire. Are you planning on attending?

Work In Progress-Yellow and Gray Quilt

Let me be clear. I didn’t make the quilt below. This inspired me to make a quilt! If anyone knows who made it, please let me know. Thanks. I found this image on flickr – the poster is nora*elizabeth. It’s gorgeous.

yellow and gray quilt

The initial inspiration for my quilt

So, I’ve started working on a new quilt. I decided to go simple since I’m still learning. I started with 4.5 yards of light fabrics (one solid and 3 smallish patterns) and 4.5 yards of dark fabrics (2 solids and 2 patterns). I really like the fabrics together when they’re just sitting in a pile, however I do have trouble seeing shade variations in colors. Hopefully my colors will work well together.

I’ll post progress pictures of my own as this quilt develops.

final project-owl cake

Tonight was our final cake decorating class. I came with a plan and a double tier frosted cake ready to be decorated. I love owls, so I wanted to do a tree branch with a mamma and baby owl sitting on it. And I planned on having grass around the bottom with some ribbon flowers placed around. We learned ribbon roses tonight in class, and while I think mine turned out quite well, there just wasn’t any room on my cake for them in the end. Check it out


owl cake

owl cake with clouds


extreme owl close up

extreme owl close up

Hoo Hoo wants some cake

Hoo Hoo wants some cake

I had plans to have the beak and the feet be a golden yellow, and there was supposed to be some grass and some flowers and the wings were supposed to be an avocado green and his pink feathers were supposed to be much softer…but all in all, I think it’s pretty good for my first cake.

Scarlet’s Dress

Well, you asked for it Uncle Shane, so here it is. I didn’t have a pattern for a big enough kimono so I found this little sun dress in toddler sizes. And don’t worry, if it’s too short to be a dress, she can wear it as a top. I hope you like it.

sun dress

sun dress

You are forbidden!